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35,000 children are homeless and living in the streets of Colombia...but Barefoot Foundation offers family services and counseling to help keep families together and children safe. FIND OUT HOW YOU CAN HELP >


Pies Descalzos Programs

If I eat well, I will learn more

Children cannot learn when they are hungry. Malnutrition causes delayed and stunted growth, poor motor development, lower IQ scores, decreased attention, behavioral deficiencies and lower educational achievement. This program combats malnutrition, providing our students with nutritious meals. Through it,  evaluates nutritional status, fosters a culture of participation in meals and nutritional issues, and encourages healthy lifestyles which improve the nutritional security of the communities.

If I learn more, I can be more

A dilapidated shack is not an educational environment worthy of young people. Schools should be safe spaces with adequate resources for children to learn. Recognizing that the precarious conditions of the buildings where most underprivileged children attend school were negatively affecting the students ability to learn, Barefoot implemented building improvement projects to help these children access a quality education.

If I smile more, I can achieve more

Children who survive terrible traumas are often haunted by their experiences. Through this program, Barefoot assists children who have recently arrived in the city with their families or who have been the victims of violence in their homes. Many of these children have lost years of schooling and need help adjusting to the school setting or overcoming trauma.Shakira and our Foundation understand the healing power of creative expression, so we use art, music and recreational activities to enrich the children’s education.

Family income

Desperately poor children must often work to support their families if the families are to survive. Child laborers are denied the chance for education and are subjected to dangerous working conditions. Through this program, Barefoot provides economic opportunities for families, thus fighting child labor and improving socio-economical conditions for the families we serve. The program helps build productive, sustainable income-generating projects that benefit children and their parents.

Sponsor a Child

You can help a Colombian child receive an education, uniforms, books, nutritious food, recreational activities and homework support while also letting him or her know that they matter.
Please note that the sponsorship program is wholly through Pies Descalzos Foundation and is not a part of the Barefoot Foundation. By clicking below, you will be directed to the Pies Descalzos Foundation's website and donations will go directly to them.

By becoming a sponsor, you change two lives: your own and the life of a child affected by poverty and violence.