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Pop Star Shakira Urges More US Help For World Education

By Kent Klein, Voice of America, 4/22/08

Colombian pop singer Shakira brought her glamour to Capitol Hill Tuesday, to urge U.S. Congress to approve more spending to help send the world's poor children to school.

Shakira is best known for her rhythmic beats, her sexy dance moves and her unique voice, but she had much more serious matters on her mind when she spoke in a crowded hearing room on Capitol Hill…

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More benefits for our children!


This agreement was signed by María Emma Mejía, President of Pies Descalzos, and Francisco Méndez, President of AIRES, who reiterated the airline's commitment to the wellbeing of the Foundation's children, whom require social attention for their development.
The event took place in AIRES facilities in the Carga Simón Bolívar airport during which a few children from different regions of Colombia studying at El Minuto de Dios School in Altos de Cazucá were able to experience a plane and interact with flight personel for the first time.
AIRES and Pies Descalzos agreed to hold a contest to give a trip away to the five best students in Comuna IV in Altos de Cazucá.

NO to underage labor!


During the activity, the kids represented through drawings and a big mural, located in the school’s patio, their perception about the problems of underage labor, and they joined the message ¨NO MORE CHILDREN WORKING¨

Gifts Delivered in Barranquilla

 Thanks to a donation made by the San Victorino Piñateros Association, the Pies Descalzos children's smiles showed positive growth!  The San Victorino Piñateros Association donated gifts to the girls and boys at our schools located in Barranquilla, Altos de Cazucá and Quibdó.  Additionally, the children at our school in Barranquilla recently received games, shoes, school supplies and clothes.

On behalf of Fundación Pies Descalzos and our children, we would like to thank the San Victorino Piñateros Association for their donation.  Thanks to their support our smiling children continue to improve!

Shakira present at the Robin Hood Foundation benefit gala.

 This year the annual event raised a total of USD $56.5 million.  Shakira sang at the event and once again confirmed her commitment not only to the wellbeing and education of Colombian children, but also vulnerable youth around the world.

Alas Foundation concerts.

 At the Alas Foundation concert, Shakira and other Latin American artists got together to fight against poverty. 


Children of Pies Descalzos school in Quibdó boarded a plane for the first time thanks to Satena. Airlines.
In addition to travel by plane for the first time, children received school supplies and shared a wonderful day painting and sharing with their peers.

Improved Quality of Education at Pies Descalzos Schools

Ex President Belisario Betancourt, María Emma Mejía, Gonzálo ArboledaFundación Pies Descalzos, represented by Executive President María Emma Mejía, and Santillana Formación, represented Vice President Gonzalo Arboleda, signed an agreement to implement the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Excellence Model in three schools run by Shakira's organization:  Institución Educativa Pies Descalzos in Quibdó, Colegio Las Américas in Barranquilla and Institución Educativa Gabriel García Márquez in Soacha.

María Emma Mejía confirmed that 5,500 children will benefit from this initiative mentioning that Pies Descalzos' schools will receive "electric shocks of quality education."

On February 21st, 2006, the Colombian Ministry for Education, stated in Decree 529 that schools across the country where invited to obtain a quality certification affirming their commitment to education in Colombia.  Such certifications include the EFQM Excellence Model, which is being executed across Latin America by Santillana Formación, part of the Santillana Group.

Santillana Formación is dedicated to developing and training teachers as well as producing educational materials focused on project development and improvement in addition to working with organizations to implement these programs.

With the purpose of improving the quality of education in addition to laying the groundwork for schools working towards certification, Santillana Formación offers an "Accompaniment Program."  This program attempts to improve the quality of education through use of the EFQM Excellence Model as it is implemented at educational institutions. 

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