2008 May

Shakira, other Latin American stars sing for their cause — ALAS

By Reed Johnson, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer Los Angeles Times 05/17/2008

Shakira, other Latin American stars sing for their cause — Not so long ago, Latin American artists who spoke up for social causes often risked prison, exile or far worse. What a difference a generation makes. On Thursday, a phalanx of Spanish-speaking pop artists headed by Colombian superstar Shakira and Spanish-Italian singer Miguel Bosé gathered here to promote a new initiative to aid Latin America’s millions of poor, malnourished and undereducated children. They were joined by the world’s second-richest man, a top U.S. philanthropist and an international mob of reporters drawn by a potent cocktail of celebrity, money and power, laced with an emerging social conscience.

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Nestlé & the Pies Descalzos Foundation, a long term treaty

De izquierda a derecha,Virgilio Buenaventura, Profesor de música de Batuta, María Emma Mejía, Presidenta de la Fundación Pies Descalzos, Felipe Silva, Presidente de Nestlé Colombia y Juan Miguel Méndez Molano, Secretario de Educación de Soacha. Felipe Silva, President of Nestlé of Colombia, and María Emma Mejía, President of the Pies Descalzos Foundation, commemorated the 4 years of mutual activities, with the launch of the ¨Talleres lúdicos de Nutrición¨ (Didactic Workshops of Nutrition) directed by the students of the Gabriel García Márquez School, in the neighborhood, altos de Cazucá located in Soacha. These students benefit from the foundation with the purpose to share with their families healthy activities to improve their personal growth and a best quality of life.

During the event there was a demonstration of the Workshop for families and kids in which the directives of Nestlé and the Foundation intervened providing real prove of their commitment with the security of nutrition, health, welfare, and education of the people that inhabit in the Comuna IV of Altos de Cazucá. Additionally, there was a concert by the kids directed by Batuta throughout the event.

Nutrimovil, Nestlé’s traveling vehicle, which has been in function since 2007, gives counseling in workshops about a balanced diet and healthy life styles to the most vulnerable communities in Bogotá, it also opened its doors to the Pies Descalzos community.